Manufacturer of all types of elevators, passenger elevators, hospital elevators, feright elevators, car lift, hydralic elevators and dumb waiters etc. An elevator is a transport device used to move goods or people vertically.

Elevators are the vital link between passengers and the various floor destinations they desire to reach silently, safely and swiftly. In multistoried buildings the efficiency of elevators become the crucial deciding factor in determining the economic success of your building.

We recommend center opening doors. Orientation and No. of hoist ways to be considered before deciding the dimensions of machine rooms.
Our qualified technicians will assist you to prepare work drawings. A properly planned and designed goods elevator will always handle more volume of material with ease and efficiency resulting in increased productivity. Modernisation of your existing goods elevator to enable you to handle more goods or planning and
designing a new goods elevator. Hence, we request your kindself to give us an opportunity to serve your esteemed organisation. We are giving our reasonable offer for lift maintenance as follows :

1. Full Comprehensive Maintenance Contract : –
Our full Comprehensive Maintenance charges are low. Per lift per annum which consist of servicing the lift by cleaning , oiling , greasing , lubricating all the slidingparts, checking the total mechanism once a month, attending the break down calls as andwhen they arise. Any minor or major repairs including the replacement of any parts at no extra cost.

2. Standard or Preventive Maintenance Contract : –
Our Standard Maintenance charges low Per lift per annum which consist of clearing , oiling, greasing all the sliding parts once a month and attending the break down calls as and when they arises. Any major repairs or replacement of any minor or major parts shall be charged extra.
We have a strong service network in all main cities in India which offer attentive and satisfactory services for customers. We are equipped with an excellent business-respecting and sincere team with strong creative innovation in technology, ceaselessly improving in quality and continuously perfecting in service as well as proving quality products and services for our customers.

Our reputation has been burnished by our ability to attract an exceptionally talented, dedicated staff; by the integrity with which we perform our work; and by our steadfast adherence to the Kinetic’s core purpose and core values.

We are willing to have our predestined relationship with longer feelings forever.

Keeping the warmest feeling and sharing the occupation progress between us.

Thanking you for your valuable time for us.